How to answer: I don’t need to respond to the gospel—I’m not good enough/I’m already good

You might wonder why we put these two objections in the same blog when they seem so opposite to one another. One person thinks they are good enough for God and the other thinks they are so bad that God wouldn’t accept them.

But in reality, both of these objections have the same problem. They both assume that being right with God comes from how good we are. One person assumes that they are already good enough and the other that they could never be good enough, but both people think being good enough is what matters!

The answer for both is God’s grace.

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How to answer: All religions lead to heaven

This claim that all religions lead to heaven is one of the most common objections you will encounter as a witness for Jesus. In our current milieu, it is taboo to exclude anyone or hurt anyone’s feelings or say that they are wrong in their beliefs. That attitude has become so much a part of our culture that it just feels wrong to people to think of God excluding someone from heaven if they are not a follower of Jesus.

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How to answer: How can I believe the Bible when it is so full of errors?

This question is expressed in many different ways. Sometimes a person is genuinely seeking for truth and feels like the Bible we have is far removed from what was originally written. Often the person is aggressively anti-Christian and using this objection as ammunition for their skepticism.

It’s always best to ask a few questions to understand what the real issue is. Ask, “What has given you the idea that the Bible is full of errors?” Their answer gives you a lot of information about where they are coming from. Remember that your goal is not to win an argument, but to lead someone to Christ, so don’t respond argumentatively.

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How to answer: My spouse is not a Christian and I’m afraid of what it would do to my marriage if I become one.

This is a more common concern when people are considering putting their faith in Christ than you might think, and you need to be so careful with your answer. The question involves a lot of feelings and clearly the person loves their spouse a lot. You also need to be very aware of where this person is in their journey to Christ. If they have been reading the Bible and/or coming to church you can talk to them using the Bible, but if they don’t have that knowledge, it may be more helpful to simply give them reasons to move forward with Christ.

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Get to know the Team – Introducing Andrew

Andrew is the Office Manager at AFCI. He has been married to his wife Tracey for 12 years and has 3 kids, aged 10 (Jake), 8 (Ryley) and 1 (Micah). He has spent most of his life in Sydney, but still considers himself a Tasmanian as he was born in Devonport. His dream is to move back to Tassie with his family. He loves any kind of sport and plays soccer and rides his mountain bike regularly. He is a self confessed nerd, spending his down time reading books and playing computer games. 

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Get to know the Team – Introducing Aaron

Aaron is a family man who enjoys everything outdoors. He grew up in Port Stephens Australia and married his high school sweetheart. Together they have 3 children and enjoy spending quality time with family and friends. Aaron placed his trust in Jesus as a young adult and has since dedicated his life to him.

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Get to know the Team – Introducing John

John likes 4-wheel-driving, mountain biking, and family games. He was born and grew up his early years in India, did his studies in America, where he met his wife Lois. John has been a part of the AFCI team in Australia for the past 24 years. He is our team leader and loves to teach God’s word in a way that brings people to decision about their relationship with God.

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Welcome to the AFCI Office!

It’s been a big few weeks here in the office.  We have been preparing this new website for launch, and I for one am extremely excited about it.  Have a look around and let us know what you think!


We have also been madly preparing the materials and resources in preparation for the launch of EvangelismSHIFT.  What is EvangelismSHIFT you say?  Have a look here for a quick run down.  Personally I think it is the most exciting thing that I have ever been involved in.  I cannot wait to see the way in which God will use it.