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Most Christians are stuck spiritually

As church leaders we should be hugely concerned about the lack of spiritual growth in the lives of most believers. But what is the reason for this lack of progress in the Christian life? In many cases it is not that people don’t want to grow. Rather, the biggest reason that most believers are not growing spiritually is that they do not understand how spiritual growth happens, as revealed in scripture!

Understanding the inner process of growth

What many believers don’t realise is that life change is the natural result of the inner process of growth. If you get the inner process happening, outer change will flow from what God is doing in your inner life. GrowthWorks is focused on helping people understand the inner process of spiritual growth. As people go through GrowthWorks, there is often the moment of excitement when hope is reborn.

“This is why I have been stuck—I can start growing again!”

Visual Learning

We have built the course around the picture in Psalm 1 of a healthy, growing, fruitful tree. As GrowthWorks progresses we move from the fruit we want to see happening in our lives to the branches that fruit grows on, then the trunk, then the roots, the soil, the water, the sun. Each part of the tree illustrates a part of the inner process of growth and how it is connected to the other parts of the process. Each week reinforces what has already been learned and adds to it.

GrowthWorks is biblical, visual, energetic, enjoyable and life-changing!

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