Why should a person consider Christianity? Because people who have encountered Christ and submitted their lives to him have been radically transformed.

Diana was caught up in a life of prostitution and drugs… but that was before she encountered Jesus Christ.


Diana struggled with her self-worth even before becoming a prostitute and used drugs in an attempt to numb the pain and shame associated with her lifestyle. She turned to God by attempting to “clean up her act” but she continued to struggle with addiction, falling to it time and time again.

But then something life-changing happened. A Christian lady came alongside Diana and began to disciple her. It was during this time that Diana finally experienced true relationships. And it was in these relationships that she encountered Jesus Christ!

Diana didn’t just hear about Jesus, she saw the reality of Jesus in the lives of other people, people who themselves once did not know Jesus, but now they had a real and living relationship with him.

Diana came to understand that Jesus loves her, and that Jesus didn’t judge her but died on the cross for her sin. This truth penetrated the depths of Diana’s soul and gave her the desire to follow Jesus and to serve him.

Today, Diana unashamedly says to people, “Jesus is the one who loves you, Jesus cleanses you and Jesus forgives you.” Diana is now free from a life of prostitution and drugs. She knows her true worth in Gods heart and has found her purpose in helping others understand the transforming power of a real relationship with Jesus Christ.

Diana’s story is among the multitude of lives across the globe and throughout generations that have been transformed because of an encounter with the risen Lord Jesus. Where people have encountered Jesus and chosen to follow him, lives have been transformed, relationships mended, families reunited, communities healed and nations prospering.


Why should someone consider Christianity? Because people who have encountered Christ and submitted their lives to him have been radically transformed!

When you want someone in your life to consider the message of Jesus Christ don’t underestimate the power of your story and the stories of others whose lives have been forever changed by Him.

Why should a person consider Christianity? Because of Christianity’s central figure, Jesus Christ!

How often have we all heard a variation of “Jesus was a good person with fantastic morals and he was a great teacher, but that’s all he was.”? It’s a very common thought for a lot of people, isn’t it? People realise that Jesus was real, but they are not willing to accept his claims that he is God. They can see that the values he taught are really good values that we should all aspire to, but don’t want to engage in the other truths that he teaches such as “I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” (John 14:6)


However, when you look at the life of Jesus and the claims he makes, he could not be a good person if a good person and a great teacher was all he was. So, when someone talks to you and says expresses those doubts about Jesus being God, you could ask if they have heard of the 4 L’s.

Legend – Many people say that Jesus didn’t exist at all but was merely a legend that sprang up. The fact is, historians all agree that Jesus existed. There is actually more proof that Jesus existed than there is proof for Julius Cesar or Homer or any other of ancient history’s famous people. Historians never argue about Jesus’ existence. Because they know he really lived in history.

So we know that Jesus existed, what then?

Lunatic –Some people say that the claims of Jesus are so outlandish and his commitment to them is so total, that he could not be anything but a lunatic. However, ask anyone who works with people living with such delusions and they will tell you that a mental condition like that is marked by emotional instability and huge mood swings. When you look at the historical accounts of Jesus’ life, both those in the Bible and those from non-Christian historical sources, his life shows none of those emotional markers. He is unflappable, always in calm control, the one who is trying to bring reasonable conversation into emotionally charged settings.

No, Jesus was no lunatic. So where does that leave us?

Liar – Some say, “Okay, he wasn’t insane, just a liar who was totally convincing about his claims. He is part of some massive conspiracy that the disciples were totally into as well.” In this view the disciples removed his body after his death and used that to trick everyone into believing Jesus had risen from the dead because they wanted to start a new religion, overthrow the Romans and end their oppression.

I see two problems with this theory. Number one, Jesus’ own life is one that stands for truth and transparency. His life has always impacted people for moral good. That is not the outcome of a life that is a lie. And it is difficult to imagine that Jesus would go through everything that he did knowing it was a lie. Number two, there is no way that his disciples would all be willing to be martyred for the sake of a belief and message they knew was fake. A person lies because it is to their own advantage. Can we see any personal advantage in dying, when they could have been set free by admitting it was a lie?

No, to say Jesus’ whole life was a big lie doesn’t fit anything we know about him.

If Jesus is not just legend that sprang up, if he could not have been a lunatic, if we reject the idea that his life was one big lie, then what option is left?

Lord – Well if all those things are not true, we are only left with one option, aren’t we? Jesus is Lord. If Jesus isn’t a legend, and history shows that he’s not, then he’s either a lunatic, a liar or his claims are true and he is who he claimed to be.

So you see that Jesus did not leave the door open for the idea that Jesus is just a good person and a great teacher. If he is those things, then he is also who he claimed to be. There is no other option.


So if you want someone in your life to consider the Christian message, you could ask them what they think about Jesus and his teaching. Challenge them with the 4 L’s and trust God to speak through you in that conversation!

Why should a person consider Christianity? — because you can know God personally

Before I came to know Jesus as my Lord and Saviour, I used to go to church just for the sake of fulfilling a chore or go with the flow of tradition. I would sing worship songs as if they were just regular songs. It was just purely ritual and empty. Almost every time God’s word was taught, I could hardly understand the message because all I had in my mind was either the food that I was going to eat or the places I would go after the mass. I knew Jesus as the man at the cross, but other than that, everything about him did not make sense to me. His name did not create a significant impact in my life back then. His name was one of the many names of the saints and apostles that I would call every time a problem or a tragedy would arrive in my life. Prayer was just my spare tyre and not my steering wheel. I didn’t understand what it meant to have a personal and authentic relationship with God. The void in my heart just kept growing as I knew there had to be something more than all those religious activities.

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Ask people to pray for your witness

If you want to know what your priorities are, what is important to you, what you’re concerned about or what your passions are, just think about your prayer life — you will always pray about the things that matter to you. Likewise, if you want to realign your priorities, change what is important to you or increase your passion for evangelism you must refocus your prayer life. Consider taking these few steps:

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How prayer keeps the passion for evangelism alive?

Recently, I was listening to a podcast and it was mentioned that there are still 2 billion people who have never heard the name of Jesus. The numbers are distressing. Imagine, 2 billion people have no chance to accept or reject the love of Jesus! What is more grievous is that they’re on their way to eternal separation from God! In response to that, I prayed for a renewed passion and that God will break my heart even more for what breaks his. I knelt and prayed that I’ll be able to see through his eyes as he looks at the world with compassion.

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