What is EvangelismSHIFT?

EvangelismSHIFT is a two-year evangelism course for local churches. EvangelismSHIFT aims to train and equip individuals from all walks of life to be effective witnesses for Jesus.


What can you expect?


In the first year, we work only with the leadership of the church (pastors, elders, ministry leaders, and all small group leaders) to help them understand evangelism and develop a lifestyle of a witness.

In our first year with the church each leader will:

  • Attend six bi-monthly seminars to learn key biblical lifestyle priorities towards being an effective witness.
  • Receive “Witnessing Lifestyle Journal”, a daily devotional journal full of lessons from Scripture on developing a lifestyle of a witness.
  • Be given “Ambushed by God” a book on how to be engaging as a witness in every circumstance that God sends you.

The focus in the second year is on the leaders passing on this lifestyle of witness to the congregation whilst key leaders form a sustainable ministry strategy for developing mission-based leaders.


In our second year, our focus is to resource the leadership to train and inspire the congregation to adopt a lifestyle of a witness .

The resources that are part of the course are:

  • Witnessing Lifestyle Journal – a full year’s worth of bible based daily devotionals focused on the importance of living as a witness.
  • A series of small group courses developed to teach believers the key principles, lifestyle priorities and skills they need to develop this lifestyle (Life2Life, GrowthWorks, LifeWorks)
  • A set of sermon series ideas around this theme of living as a witness will be provided to the teaching pastor/s to elevate the priority of this lifestyle within the church.

In this way, the whole church is immersed for a full year in developing a culture of living as witnesses.

During this second year, we also take the core leadership through a study of Jesus’ movement building process. The leaders then form their own ministry plan to continue developing and equipping their people as witnesses in the world.





At the end of the two-year relationship, some of the key leaders who have adopted the lifestyle of a witness, and  are applying Jesus’ movement-building process effectively in their own church context, will be invited to train as facilitators and join us in taking other churches through EvangelismSHIFT (while continuing to develop the witnessing culture in their own churches).

This final component of EvangelismSHIFT takes it from an effective ministry in a few churches to a true spiritual movement of evangelism in churches across Australia!


Why EvangelismSHIFT?

Our nation needs it. 

As our nation’s population grows, the Christian community shrinks. Over the last couple of decades the Australian church has begun responding to this decline with an increased focus on evangelistic events.

The reality is that most people will never attend these events without a meaningful relationship with a witnessing Christian.


What can AFCI do for our nation?

When we asked God this question, he began to change our thinking about evangelism and showed us that the most effective thing we can do is to help churches move from event-driven, leader-owned evangelism to congregations with a culture of living as witnesses in their daily lives.

People need to know how to be witnesses in the normal relationships of their lives.

That’s why EvangelismSHIFT was created.