What is GrowthWorks?

GrowthWorks is an AFCI course designed to help new believers or believers who are stuck spiritually understand the inner process of spiritual growth as revealed in scripture. Since we first launched GrowthWorks several years ago, about 10,000 people have been through the course.

GrowthWorks is not only used in Australia but internationally. The book is translated into Spanish, complete with Spanish videos, Ukrainian, Russian and Latvian.

Who can use GrowthWorks?

  • Small Groups

Growthworks for leaders contains the whole book, plus lots of additional content for leaders, giving you guidance and ideas for leading each week’s topic. In addition, the leaders’ edition comes packaged with a DVD.

Please note that although GrowthWorks can be purchased at Christian bookstores, the leaders’ edition can only be purchased from our online store.


Learning methods

A group going through GrowthWorks together will interact with the life lessons four times with four different learning methods:

  1. They will read the chapter
  2. They will write in the interactive boxes
  3. They will watch the semi-dramatic video
  4. They will discuss the chapter together and learn from one another’s experiences


  • Individuals

We understand that you might not be part of a small group, or may be in a group that does not want to do GrowthWorks. Or you might be a leader of a small group who has heard about GrowthWorks and want to check it out on their own before introducing it to their group.

The good news is: You don’t need to be in a small group to read GrowthWorks, you can get the most out of the book by reading it on your own.


Why GrowthWorks?

As church leaders, we should be hugely concerned about the lack of spiritual growth in the lives of most believers. But what is the reason for this lack of progress in the Christian life? In many cases, it is not that people don’t want to grow it is because people do not understand how to grow spiritually.

We wanted to teach believers how to grow spiritually and that’s how GrowthWorks was born.

We have built the course around the picture in Psalm 1 of a healthy, growing, fruitful tree. As GrowthWorks progresses we move from the fruit we want to see happening in our lives to the branches that fruit grows on, then the trunk, then the roots, the soil, the water, the sun. Each part of the tree illustrates a part of the inner process of growth and how it is connected to the other parts of the process. Each week reinforces what has already been learned and adds to it.

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