Aaron is a family man who enjoys everything outdoors. He grew up in Port Stephens Australia and married his high school sweetheart. Together they have 3 children and enjoy spending quality time with family and friends. Aaron placed his trust in Jesus as a young adult and has since dedicated his life to him.


Aaron with his family


Aaron is passionate about helping people come to know the Jesus of the bible as their personal Saviour. Motivated by his love for God and genuine heart for people, Aaron serves as a church leader in Raymond Terrace whilst serving full time with the team at Ambassadors for Christ International, equipping other followers of Jesus to share the Good News of Jesus with people in their life that don’t yet know him.


Check out some of Aaron’s favourite articles

My mates go for a drink after work, what does this mean for me?

Heading down to the local pub for a few drinks after work is very much a part of Aussie culture. Being invited by work colleagues may excite some but for others […]

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Why did Jesus have to die according to the gospel?

Paul referred to the gospel as “the message of the cross”. It seems cruel that God the Father would allow his Son to be treated so badly and die on the cross […]

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You don’t always have to share the gospel

Why do most people feel anxious about sharing their faith with others? Have you ever thought “What do I say?” or “Where do I start?” Deciding where to start […]

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Here’s why you can’t do evangelism

IThere are two great truths the gospels reveal about Jesus: A) He is fully God and B) He is fully human. To date, the Church has rightly […]

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