Diana was caught up in a life of prostitution and drugs… but that was before she encountered Jesus Christ.

Diana struggled with her self-worth even before becoming a prostitute and used drugs in an attempt to numb the pain and shame associated with her lifestyle. She turned to God by attempting to “clean up her act” but she continued to struggle with addiction, falling to it time and time again.

But then something life-changing happened.

A Christian lady came alongside Diana and began to disciple her. It was during this time that Diana finally experienced true relationships. And it was in these relationships that she encountered Jesus Christ!

Diana didn’t just hear about Jesus, she saw the reality of Jesus in the lives of other people, people who themselves once did not know Jesus, but now they had a real and living relationship with him.

Diana came to understand that Jesus loves her, and that Jesus didn’t judge her but died on the cross for her sin. This truth penetrated the depths of Diana’s soul and gave her the desire to follow Jesus and to serve him.

Today, Diana unashamedly says to people, “Jesus is the one who loves you, Jesus cleanses you and Jesus forgives you.” Diana is now free from a life of prostitution and drugs. She knows her true worth in Gods heart and has found her purpose in helping others understand the transforming power of a real relationship with Jesus Christ.

Diana’s story is among the multitude of lives across the globe and throughout generations that have been transformed because of an encounter with the risen Lord Jesus. Where people have encountered Jesus and chosen to follow him, lives have been transformed, relationships mended, families reunited, communities healed and nations prospering.


Why should someone consider Christianity? Because people who have encountered Christ and submitted their lives to him have been radically transformed!

When you want someone in your life to consider the message of Jesus Christ don’t underestimate the power of your story and the stories of others whose lives have been forever changed by Him.


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