Ian North (1929 - 2006)

Ian North, born in Hong Kong in 1929 of Australian missionary parents, came into a radical saving knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ while studying agriculture in college. After marrying Dorothy, he pursued missionary ministry, moving to North India in 1958 to minister in evangelistic campaigns in India and Pakistan. His ministry involved large tent crusades, taking him to the far north eastern tribes of Assam, down to the cape of India and out into surrounding Asian countries.

In 1971 he left this ministry in the hands of gifted Indian ministers and became the International director of Ambassadors for Christ International, dedicated to "revival in the churches and evangelism through the churches". Based in Atlanta, USA, Ian’s ministry widened to include preaching for awakening and Bible teaching in many countries around the world. Ian spoke with spiritual power and authority born out of his deep and passionate prayer life. In every place, people were deeply impacted. Many today would mark the turning point of their spiritual lives down to an encounter with God while Ian North was preaching. Yet it was Ian's tender and prayerful relationship with His Lord and his humble, servant lifestyle that often had the greatest impact on those closest to him

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