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You are meant to be sent! (Mark 3)

What are the two greatest truths of the Christian life? What does Jesus talk about all through his ministry? Do you want to live your life like Jesus Christ? Then learn to do what he did… “…We have been appointed as disciples of Jesus Christ. We have been commissioned by him. Remember Paul said, “God, […]

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God’s response to sin in my life

How does God respond to sin in our lives? Why is it important for us to know how God responds to our sins? “God’s response to sin in our lives does not end with forgiveness, it is redemptive. He wants to redeem your life. That doesn’t just mean forgiveness. He wants to restore your life […]

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Your Godly Heritage (2 Kings 21:1-2)

What is our goal in our children’s lives as parents? What are the important principles we learn from the lives of King Manasseh and King Amon? How do we give our children a godly heritage—a good starting position in life? “If you want to pass on a godly heritage, be concerned not only with your […]

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The Power of Praying Together (Acts 4)

What are the benefits of praying together? What does God say about praying together? What happens when we pray together? Why is group prayer important? “We see the power of corporate prayer advancing the kingdom of God. This is what we are called to. United prayer releasing God’s power for the advancement of his Kingdom. […]

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Peace (Luke 19)

What is deep, real peace? How can you receive the deep, real abiding peace from God? “Lord, we come to acknowledge who you are. Lord, we thank you that these things have not been hidden from our eyes. The door has not been closed. We thank you that the door is open to the garden […]

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