The good news about this job is that in order to be a fisher of man you don’t necessarily need to enjoy the smell or taste of fish. So even if you are not a big fan of sushi you can still apply to be considered for the role of a fisher of men!


You don’t need to enjoy fishing either.

If you are interested in becoming a fisher of men read on. You will discover some pointers/requirements that will empower you to do a good job at this fisher of men vocation.

An ideal fisher of men lives his life constantly identifying, acquiring and building into his life a set of lifestyle priorities that will naturally flow out of him and point the people in his life to Jesus. Here’s what those priorities look like:


He knows that he knows that he knows that he has God-given purpose and therefore he lives every day knowing that every interaction with every person is an opportunity to represent Jesus to the people around him.  


He hangs out with sinners because he’s friends with them. He sees people through the eyes of mercy, grace and the redemptive gospel. He reaches out to people from various walks of life and faithfully shows them the love of Jesus.


He knows when to share the gospel. He knows that being a friend of sinners is not about Bible bashing. He understands that. However, he is sensitive to the Holy Spirit and is able to read a situation and know if there is an open door to talk about Jesus or not.


→An experienced fisher of men knows how to pray. He prays regularly by name for the people in his life who don’t know Jesus, because he understands that God answers prayer and that prayer changes him and changes spiritual realities.





→A fisher of men is surrounded by a good community of Christians and doesn’t keep that community to himself/herself but invites his non-churched friends into it.


→An ideal fisher of men is bad at evangelism. This might come as a shocker to you but the ideal fisher of men has admitted to himself that in his own strength he can’t do evangelism. He has accepted his own inadequacy and trusts Jesus to reach people through him.


→He is unashamedly open to share the Gospel. He doesn’t beat around the bush. If there’s an opportunity to share about Jesus’ redemptive love, his sacrifice on the cross and his resurrection he will take it.


→ He holds loosely to his rights. A fisher of men cares more about how to minister to others than he cares about how others treat him. Because he has his eyes fixed loving people like Jesus did, he is unoffendable. His goal is to bring people to Jesus—and if that doesn’t work, to bring them a little closer to him.


→He knows that eternity is in people’s hearts. He knows that there is a God-shaped hole in everyone’s lives no one can fill but God. A fisher of men knows that a lost person’s heart is one of his greatest allies as he introduces Christ to them.




*We are all on a journey which means that you don’t have to be perfect or do all these things before you can start fishing for men.

*A he or a she can be fisher of men

*We got the inspiration of fisher of men from Matthew 4:19

*The best fisher of men was Jesus so follow his example and you’ll be alright.



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  1. Great article, simple factual and truthful. Love it !!
    Really encouraging start to my day
    thank you

    • I love starting my day reading too Jodie. Make sure you check out our other blogs in case you may have missed one. Bless you!

  2. Very encouraging. Love this because it is reminding me of who i am in Christ and what i am suppose to be doing.

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