If you force someone into a spiritual conversation it can have a negative impact on their openness to God or to future discussions with you. So how can you know when to talk to someone about God?


In this blog series we will be highlighting a number of signs that let you know that now is the time to have a God-conversation with a person in your life.


Today’s answer to the question, “When should I talk to someone about God?” is…


…when they ask a question about God, your faith, church, or spiritual things.


Think about how Jesus approached this question of when to have spiritual conversations with people. When you observe Jesus’ life in the gospels, you recognise that he was always trying to identify the seekers among the crowds of people he interacted with. As soon as Jesus recognised that someone was searching for answers, or that they were thinking about God, or that they were aware that something was still missing in their lives, he immediately focused on that person and tried to help them see that a right relationship with God was what they needed.


In John chapter 3, when Nicodemus showed up at Jesus’ door at night, saying, “Rabbi, we know that you are a teacher come from God, for no one can do these signs that you do unless God is with him,” Jesus knew he was searching, so he headed straight for a truth that he knew would begin a life-changing discussion with Nicodemus. He said to him, “You must be born again.”


In John chapter 4, when he encountered the Samaritan woman at the well, Jesus began probing to see if she was searching. He began talking about living water that can satisfy your inner thirst in a way that physical water never can. The further that conversation went, the more obvious it became that this woman was searching. Jesus immediately began talking with her about her sinful pursuit of love in the wrong way. He also described God’s nature and how we approach him. All the way through the conversation, the woman was totally involved in the back and forth. It wasn’t a lecture; it was a great conversation that led to her bringing her whole village out to meet Jesus.


We could keep going and talk about Zacchaeus, the woman with the haemorrhage who touched him in the crowd, the scribe who had questions about eternal life, blind Bartimaus, the man let down through the roof, the Syrophoenician woman, etc, etc.


In the midst of his talks to the big crowds, while he was healing person after person and casting demons out of all who were oppressed, as he interacted with people along the way—in every circumstance and encounter, Jesus was on the lookout for seekers. And so often, the thing that showed him a person was searching for answers was that they were asking questions.


When a person asks you or someone around you a question about God, even if they ask it nonchalantly, you should always focus your attention on that person and begin responding to them as though they are searching for God. Talk to them about what God means to you. Ask them a question that will let them express themselves at whatever level they are comfortable with.


When someone mentions what your faith means to you, share with them on the personal level about your relationship with God. Don’t just talk about theological truths about God. Tell them what he means to you personally.


When someone brings up church, talk about the difference between religious Christianity and a personal relationship with Jesus, who is alive.


The first and most obvious sign that it’s time to talk with someone about God is when they ask a question that opens the door.


Why don’t you stop right now, and pray that God will bring someone who is searching across your path today? Ask him to show you they are searching by having them ask a question!



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  1. Excellent, John! I’m really appreciating these articles, and I’m keeping them for future reference!

  2. Excellent suggestions – being ready to ask and share as God opens doors – great way to live each day.

  3. When God leads the way. After week of “no birds” at my work site I was feeling a little pleased that the birds at least were obeying me.(Security guard) . Today happens along a lonely seagull and in matter of minutes of doing a search for food happens upon a large area of breadcrumbs in the middle of the road. Right next to 5 orange cones protecting a severe depression on the middle of the road – so it was protected from cars. In a few minutes a second seagull appears and they fight. Within minutes the area is flooded with around 12 seagulls and as many pigeons. Amused a little by this as there was nob birds in the air how did they know.
    5 minutes later 2 homeless guys happen along and one of them I had spoken to before, his name was Jason. He said thank you for the Bible you gave me and shook my hand. My reply was the challenge is to read it to which he replied I am.
    Immediately considering Matthew 6:26-34 (have looked int up since) came to mind and I shared how we as humans think we have it together but how about these birds they do not have a mobile phone and shared the story above. They laughed.
    The next comment was hey as we consider all of this God can take it all away in an instant how amazing is His love that he does not.
    This was a show stopper for these guys
    So I next said to them consider a single gain of sand on the beach or a fish in the Ocean, this is just like us in the amazing love of God.
    The reply from both guys was thanks for sharing that with me.
    They walked quietly sharing together seemingly and knowingly in a better place as God was exalted with what He had done right before my very eyes and we shared the moment.
    I have missed many moments but thank God that this was one opportunity He helped me to make as the marijuana packet was accidentally pulled out before my eyes and the one new person I had never seen before no doubt had an interesting share with his friend /acquaintance as they moved on.
    Maybe the next time will be how we fall short of god’s love and glory! Look forward to the next time.
    Thank you John, Aaron and Matthew, love you guys.
    “Jesus loves you” How much! As my grandson shares with his nanny “to the moon and back”

    • Gemmel, it’s great to see you living out the witnessing lifestyle. When we live with a sense of sentness we see opportunities everyday.

      Thanks so much for sharing.

  4. All true John but sometimes we miss the opportunity which can happen if we are waiting for a question it could be simply a comment made in general conversation that gives an opening to give a personal testimony of what God has done in your life in similar circumstances . Be sensitive to the prompting of the Holy Spirit. I had an experience recently at the local shopping centre, A man mid 30s disheveled dirty and extremely intoxicated walked past where I was sitting. Before I could stop her my 4 yo granddaughter walked up to him put out her hand and said ” my name is ….. pleased to meet you” . He was so moved by her action and came over to me and sat down. For the next 15 minutes as we talked he told his story and I told him about Jesus and how he could change his life.

    • I love it! What a beautiful story of God’s work through you.

      I totally agree with you about not waiting for them to ask a question. This is just the first blog in the series answering the question, how can I know when it is time to talk with someone about God? The most obvious time is when they ask a question.

      Keep reading future posts and see more and more situations in which it is time to speak with people about God.

      Thanks for your good insights and great story!

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