Interacting with Christians from all different places is a joy to me. I love to help Christians learn how to have natural conversations about God with their friends, family and people they meet.


I’ve learned that many Christians struggle to know when it’s appropriate to bring God into a conversation with a non-believer. On one hand, Christians enjoy a beautiful and personal relationship with God, who has transformed their life, and they want others to experience God in a personal way too. On the other hand, they respect the personal views and beliefs of others and don’t want to unnecessarily offend people. So… when should you talk about God?


There are many circumstances when Christians can openly and naturally talk about God. One of those times is when you ask a question and people are responsive.


What do I mean by that? I remember a conversation I had with a tradesman when we were on a job together. We talked about all sorts of topics and what we looked forward to on the weekend coming up. He had a family birthday party on, and I shared I was also heading to a birthday party and then to church on Sunday. I asked him “What’s your spiritual belief?”. He replied, “I’m not into any of that,” and quickly changed the topic. It was obvious he wasn’t open to speaking about God, so I didn’t pursue it.


On another occasion I was having a conversation with a lady when I was travelling home from work. She shared how she was heading home for the weekend to take care of her disabled son and how tough life was for them as a family. I shared with her how I was going to spend the weekend and mentioned that I enjoy hanging out with friends at church on Sunday. I asked her “What’s your spiritual belief?”. She began to share with me her experience growing up with religion around her but that she never pursued church. However, she believed that there is more to life than what she was experiencing.


This lady was open and responsive to talk about God and for the next hour we spoke back and forth about Gods love, the heartaches of life, the reality of our experiences and the hope we can have when we personally know God, the one who hold the future.


You can enjoy natural conversations about God with people who are responsive simply by asking a question. What question could you ask?


Take a moment now and ask God to give you questions you can ask. Ask him to help you recognise when someone is responsive. Then trust him with your conversations!


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  1. Thank you for sharing your experiences with speaking to people about God. I recently had a talk with a couple at our Heart Health NSW group, and the husband did not respond when I started talking about my belief in God and how He helps me. I asked if he believed there was a God and he said he wasn’t into anything about a God. His wife on the other hand started talking to me and responded that she was happy to talk to me some other time about my faith in God, and what she believes. To date I have not been able to talk to her but I hope to by telephone very soon. Thanks for your encouragement. God Bless,
    Mrs Lyn Edwards. Taree. NSW.

    • Praising God for your heart, Lynette! Praying for this “open door”..May the Holy Spirit fill you with the right words to say and empower you, even more, to witness for His glory.. May the Lord prepare her heart as well..In Jesus’ name!

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