“How can I help this person in my life really consider Christianity?” You may have asked this question.

I remember asking those very words as I spoke to the woman next to me on a flight to Perth. She had expressed a desire to talk about God, but no matter how I approached the conversation she kept just shutting me down and cutting me off. At first it seemed like she didn’t really want to talk. But every time I went back to my in-flight entertainment, she would interrupt it and start our conversation back up.

After about an hour of this back and forth, I had almost given up. I had answered a question she asked by talking about how our lives are impacted by our fallenness. She cut me off and said I was just spouting some Christian mumbo jumbo.

So, I decided to cut through the discussion and make it more personal for her. I said, “But you feel it, don’t you?”

The woman looked at me blankly and said, “What do you mean?”

I said, “You feel the brokenness in your own life, right? Isn’t there something inside you that tells you that things are not the way they are meant to be, that something is wrong, something is missing, something you need?”

There was a long pause.

“Well, yes” she said.

Then I told her my story of brokenness in my own life and how God had brought healing, love and wholeness into my life. Suddenly she was interested and asking questions. The rest of the flight was a big part of her journey towards Jesus Christ.

After many, many conversations with people who don’t know the Lord, I am convinced that every person knows their own brokenness and is searching for what will fill the void in their own inner life.

So if you have someone in your life who doesn’t know Jesus yet, and you want them to consider Christianity, talk to them about the brokenness that came into the human experience when we first rejected God. Share your own experience of brokenness and the healing that God is bringing. Talk about the way to get right with God because of what Jesus has done for us.

Everyone, at least deep down, will know what you are talking about, and it may open their hearts up to consider Christ.


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