What is a Centurion?

A Centurion commits to praying daily for the evangelism ministry of AFCI Australia and invites others to do the same.

Why Become a Centurion?

SD Gordon once wrote: “The whole work of the ministry is accomplished
beforehand in prayer. When we go out and ‘do ministry’, we are just
gathering up the results.”

This truth is coming home to us more and more deeply at Ambassadors for Christ International – Australia. We have seen clear and amazing answers to prayer. We know God wants us to think and strategise and work hard, but he wants us to also recognise that what we can do for him is not nearly as important as what he will do through us as we learn to pray.

For this reason, we believe that if you will commit to become one of our Centurions, you will become one of the most important people in our ministry.

Our AFCI Australia vision is: a disciplemaking movement of churches across Australia and beyond, whose people have a culture of living as witnesses in their everyday encounters, calling others to respond to Christ.


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