What is LifeWorks?

LifeWorks is a course which seeks to introduce non-churched people to Christianity without assuming that they already understand Christian jargon or presuppositions. This course is suitable for individuals with a non-churched background.

LifeWorks teaches the clear, unchanging message of the gospel through a series of 10 talks each accompanied by a discussion time. The content is 70% pre-evangelism and 30% gospel, with the gospel itself being introduced in the final 3 sessions.

Unlike any other tool, LifeWorks has pre-evangelism as its main focus. No printed material needs to be purchased each time you run the course – just print what you need from the included USB drive (participants’ handouts) which also contains John North’s excellent presentation of the course. The discussion time afterwards uses the included handouts.

LifeWorks has been “road-tested” in hundreds of Australian churches, enabling them to lead thousands of Australian adults to faith in Jesus Christ.

Why LifeWorks?

Contemporary Australians are thoroughly postmodern in outlook; that is, they no longer arrive at truth through reason, but through experience. We cannot ignore this if we want our evangelism to connect with this generation.

At the same time as we give them reasons to believe, we must also give them the experience of real Christianity. The growing majority of non-churched Australians have never been to church, even as children.

When they hear the gospel, it’s not just that they don’t believe it yet – it doesn’t even seem believable at all. They have no underlying set of beliefs that might give credibility to the gospel. The work of evangelism must begin by seeking to give these people a Christian worldview.

When Paul preached to the Jews, he preached about God’s dealings with the Israelites in the Old Testament. But when Paul went to Athens he knew that this approach would be meaningless to pagans, so he began with something they would identify with as he walked them toward Christ. Such an approach is the foundation of the LifeWorks course.

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