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What is Time with God?


Time With God is a daily email devotional designed to help you grow in your relationship with God each day. It will take you into God’s word in a way that connects you relationally with the Lord.


Why Time with God?


  • Truly devotional.  Time With God is not written to simply explain the passage of scripture and give an application. Rather, it is written in a way that says, “Here’s what the Lord is saying to us in this passage.”


  • Focused on the Bible. As you start your day, you don’t just want somebody’s good thoughts, you want God’s word. Time With God focuses you on God’s message to you through his word, the Bible.


Testimonies of Impact


“As a church we really love Time With God and are so blessed with Ambassadors for Christ—Australia ministry. Pastor Ron and I prayed for John regularly and ask our Father to continue to bless this ministry. The Lord is using this devotional to speak into the lives of many. We also send them to the people we are witnessing to.

We have been reading the devotionals as a church for many years now and are so encouraged by the way the Holy Spirit uses the Word to minister into our lives, and confirms what He has already been speaking to us individually and corporately. I thank God for the insights and revelations He give to John. I witness in my spirit that the Lord is using him powerfully to touch others. I just want to encourage you and the ministry for the work that you do to advance the kingdom of God.”


“Please tell John North that his Time With God devotionals are just spectacular and have played a pivotal role in my growth as a Christian. I encourage him and the team to soldier on.”


A radio station listener posted this on John’s facebook page:

“Hey you don’t know me, I added you as a friend so I could let you know how much “Time With God” has helped me in my Christian walk”. A few months back I was getting up at 4am each morning…your talks helped me put back into perspective the simplicity that is the gospel…be encouraged as I am sure I am not the only one!”

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