The History and Heritage of Ambassadors for Christ International

Ambassadors for Christ International was established in Australia in 1949. Together, an evangelist and a businessman caught a vision for effective evangelism here in Australia. John, Ridley, probably the greatest evangelist Australia has produced, and Alf Davey, a Sydney businessman, pooled their gifts and resources to birth a new kind of ministry. Originally called the Australian Institute of Evangelism, the ministry became Ambassadors for Christ International as it expanded into other nations. AFCI now ministers in 25 nations and is having a powerful impact around the world.

Two Things Set AFCI Apart

We are nationals

Our teams around the world are made up, not of overseas missionaries, but of people who have a burden for the effectiveness of the church in their own nations. Our vision statement is that we are teams of nationals accelerating the spread of the gospel through local churches

It’s all about the church

Our motto, which sums up the focus of our ministry: revival in the church, evangelism through the church, training for the church. Ambassadors for Christ strongly believes that the best place to focus on is the local church. Rather than simply working alongside the local church, the ministry of AFCI is focused on the local church itself. We minister into the life of your church! We are committed to increasing the effectiveness of the life of your church rather than running “events” ourselves.

Partner with us now as we seek to transform local churches worldwide.