What is “How to train people for Evangelism (Like Jesus)?

We are delighted to announce that we have put together a new online training course specifically to help you, as a church leader, put a well-rounded evangelism strategy in place in your church: “How to train People for Evangelism (like Jesus)

Jesus used (and trained his disciples in) four approaches to evangelism. This course will not do your evangelism training for you. It is a course for you, the leader, and is designed to guide you through the process of putting your own evangelism strategy and training together. Your church’s training should be designed to fit your own church’s local evangelistic opportunities, vision and culture and will prepare those participating for the next step in your disciple-making pathway.

Components of “How to train people for Evangelism (Like Jesus)”

This is an online video course. The course is broken up into bite-sized video segments covering various aspects of evangelism training and will be available for you to re-watch at any time in the future or you can simply jump to the relevant topics for you.

Here’s a sample of one segment of this video training:

Why “How to train people for Evangelism (Like Jesus)”?

As a pastor or person responsible for evangelism in your church, you know that the Great Commission is Jesus’ marching orders for the church. You know you need to be leading your church with an effective evangelism strategy. But you have two problems. First, when you put on evangelistic events at your church, it seems like everybody who comes is already a Christian. Just a trickle of truly non-churched people attend these events. Second, you know you need to train your people in building redemptive relationships, but you were never trained in this. You bring in an outsider to run an evangelism seminar, but this just seems to produce a brief ‘evangelism high’ that quickly returns back to ‘normal’.

We have put this online course together so that you can learn from Jesus’ fourfold approach to evangelism and also learn how to initiate a disciplemaking approach to evangelism in your church.

You don’t need to carve out big chunks of time to go through this training. Most video segments are just 3-5 minutes long, so you can view one while in a waiting room or when you have a spare moment. The segments are clearly labeled so you can go back to just the segment you need at some time in the future.

Your Bible college course on evangelism didn’t give you this practical training. We want to give it to you. What could be more important for your church than getting evangelism right?

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