Dear prayer partners and financial partners,

Please devote some focused prayer and giving towards a critical funding need we are facing right now and need God’s provision by Wednesday.

Our ministry is growing and our team is growing (we have doubled in size in the past year). We are facing the challenges faced by any growing organisation as we try to push through a growth barrier with our funding. We have had reserves and strategies in place to accomplish this, but with Covid lockdowns and other factors we are several months behind on breaking through this growth barrier. We have used our reserves and will not be able to pay our administrative staff next Wednesday unless $3000 additional funds come in. Watch the one-minute video below to see how our team (including you) fits together.

Please join us in fasting and praying for God’s provision. Pray for his anointing on this email and his guiding hand on those he wants to use to meet this need. Ask him if he would have you partner with us in a special way over the next few months (through June) as we look to break the growth barrier. We are doing a great work and the doors are open before us for a significant impact on the church in our nation and around the world.

Thank you for your partnership!

Again, the prayer need is for $3000 by Wednesday and ongoing funding through June as we look to break the growth barrier. 

You can give on our website – – one-time, weekly or monthly, or call our office on 1 300 723 993 and we will set it up with you.

John North for the AFCI team


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