Would you please pray and consider partnering with us to reach our funding need this coming new financial year?

I am excited to write to you here at the end of a fantastic year of ministry to invite you to partner with us to meet our $40,000 need to start off the new financial year ‘in the black’ (financially positive).

At AFCI Australia we spent the lockdown year forming new multiplication strategies for our EvangelismSHIFT initiative, both for Australian impact and international impact. Our new strategy, from international all the way down to our work with local churches, is based on Multiplication Teams. In this year alone, we want to form 5 multiplication teams.

Now that things are opening up, we are putting these multiplication strategies into action. Two weeks ago, my assistant Josh Bloomfield and I were in Fiji with Sunia, our new National Coordinator there. For three hours we met with our first ever Multiplication Team. As we met and each person there shared their story and the people turning to Christ through the witness of the more-than-100 people they are now leading through Life2Life, I was struck with the fruit of multiplication that had brought us together in that room.

Before Covid, we led Year 1 of EvangelismSHIFT in First AOG Church in Suva, the capital. Derryl and Kim are church planters working among Muslims. They joined the training. As God challenged and equipped them through EvangelismSHIFT, they began applying the principles in their own ministry and saw fruit.

When Derryl got hold of Life2Life as a way to pass this witnessing lifestyle on to others, he started a zoom Life2Life group with several church leaders he knew, hoping it would catch hold in their networks. They were deeply impacted and started seeing their ‘redemptive relationships’ put their faith in Christ. One of them commented, “There really has been a shift in my life through EvangelismSHIFT.” Each of these guys are now starting Life2Life groups in their various networks (3 denominational networks and 3 parachurch organisations that all have tremendous influence across the South Pacific).

Those men from Derryl’s group are now coming together, along with Jason, a pastor from First AOG Church, to form our Multiplication Team in Fiji, to see churches across the 16 nations of the South Pacific come alive with a disciplemaking approach to evangelism.

God is at work! So much of what is already happening through EvangelismSHIFT is based on multiplication and we want to take that even further. As we think and pray about Jesus’ life, we see him developing his first Multiplication Team of 12 men (Luke 9:1-6), and then a few months later he sends out an additional 72 Multiplication Leaders (Luke 10:1-20).

Here in Australia our National Coordinator, Aaron Daniell, is prayerfully putting together our first Australian Multiplication Team to accelerate the spread of the gospel through Australian churches.

We desperately need your prayer partnership as this movement grows!

Would you also please stop to pray and consider partnering with us to reach our funding need of $40,000 by the end of June so that together we can start the next financial year with our foot on the accelerator.

Together with you we want to see a multiplication of churches across our nation, and beyond, come alive for evangelism!

Can I hear an “Amen!”?

Would you please pray and consider partnering with us to reach our funding need this coming new financial year?

On behalf of the AFCI Australia team,

John North

National Director


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