Take a couple of minutes and read this very cool story of what God is doing.

You’ve been praying for and supporting the ministry of AFCI and sharing in the vision of activating believers and churches as witnesses for Jesus in their everyday encounters. Here’s what your prayers and support are accomplishing.

Flor is a single professional businesswoman who attends Every Nation Church in Western Sydney, one of the churches that have been journeying with us through EvangelismSHIFT. Flor was invited by Rosemary, one of the church leaders, to go through Life2Life with her and learn how to be an effective witness with the people in her life. Flor has shared Christ with people in the past, but her open witness had become a bit dormant.

As she went through Life2Life, Flor told Rosemary, “Life2Life is lighting a fire in me!”

She started living with a sense that God had sent her into her relationships at work and elsewhere. One day after lockdown started, she was in a zoom meeting with a woman colleague from work. The meeting went long and they started talking more deeply about personal life. Flor suggested, “Let’s reconnect after work and keep talking.”

They reconnected that evening and had a great conversation. Flor suggested that they keep up the zoom meetings and also start doing a little Bible study. Her new friend agreed, and Flor tentatively invited a couple of her other unsaved friends.

“We’ll connect over Zoom and we will do a little Bible study as well,” she told them.

When they said yes, she was more confident and invited a couple more. Now those friends have started inviting other friends and women in the group are starting to put their faith in Christ.

Rosemary got up and shared in church what was happening in Flor’s group. Several people thought, “I could do that.” One of these had been a part of our EvangelismSHIFT training along with Rosemary. She started zooming with unsaved family members overseas. After one of these Zoom calls, she sensed the Holy Spirit moving her to call her sister back and ask her if she was ready to put her trust in Christ. To her amazement her sister said “Yes.” For the first time in her life, she walked someone through the gospel and into a living relationship with Jesus.

She told Rosemary, “I can’t explain the joy I got from that experience!”

Rosemary and her husband Ron have grown as active witnesses themselves and have their own stories to share. As you can tell, they are also passing on what they learned, using our Life2Life disciplemaking resource.

This is what we at AFCI are pouring our lives into. This is the activity of God that your prayers and support are bringing into the lives of people and churches.

Thank you so much for your partnership. We really need your prayers and sacrificial giving as we continue to accelerate the spread of the gospel in this world. We are facing significant needs right now and appreciate your generous response to what the Lord may put on your heart.

John North.


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