What is the answer to drudgery? The answer is to get involved in a vision that is bigger than you are! Is your life a tiring cycle of doing the same thing over and over, week after week?


God has a plan for your life that is so much bigger than ‘making it through’ or ‘taking the next financial step’. His plan for you may not involve any change in your job or location, but it will completely transform your days and your relationships. Here’s his plan: God wants to activate you as his witness in your everyday relationships.


It doesn’t mean bashing your workmates over the head with your Bible. It doesn’t mean you will become a missionary. But it means that you begin to realise that you have been sent by Jesus into every encounter with every person in every circumstance in every day of your life to represent him and help the people in your life take another step toward him.


That removes any drudgery from life! Each conversation becomes an exciting discovery of how God wants to work through you. My hobby is mountain biking. On Saturday I was practicing my jumping technique, using a little ramp I put on the road outside my driveway. A neighbour I have been praying for was out in his yard and we started chatting. I found out that he likes mountain biking too. I recognised immediately that God was opening a door to build a redemptive relationship with him. I had always wondered what natural way I could spend time with him. I suggested we find a time to ride together, and he was eager to do so.


On Sunday I went for a ride on a nearby trail. I finished my ride just behind three other guys I didn’t know. We all flopped down to recover and started chatting. Instantly, I started looking for anything in the conversation that could open a door for spiritual conversation or just to meet up with those guys again.


It’s not rocket science, but my life is radically different since I have been activated as a witness for Jesus.


This is the way of life that we train people in through EvangelismSHIFT and Life2Life. Whole churches are being deeply affected as we train their entire leadership community to become a witnessing community through EvangelismSHIFT. Individuals are learning this way of life as they take part in a Life2Life Huddle and then pass it on to others by forming their own Huddle. People are becoming witnesses and those in their lives are finding Christ.


Both EvangelismSHIFT and Life2Life are impacting more and more people both here in Australia and around the world.


As you pray for the lost, and make your giving decisions, please consider how you can accelerate the spread of the gospel through partnering financially with Ambassadors for Christ. We need your help at this time.


Together we can activate churches and believers across our nation to openly and naturally share Christ with those in their lives!


Thanks for your partnership!




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