Here are some of the comments made by participants at our final EvangelismSHIFT seminar at Every Nation Church in Western Sydney a couple of weeks ago. Be encouraged and consider supporting this ministry today, using the yellow button at the bottom of this email. 


“EvangelismSHIFT has impacted me greatly…first, how I see/look at people now, that they are precious to Jesus as I am. Secondly, I am relieved to know that evangelism is not just my sole responsibility to turn people to Jesus but it is up to God.”

“It has incorporated into me a sense of ‘sentness’ and a newfound knowledge that conversion is a journey rather than a one-off experience.”

“I am encouraged that I don’t have to be limited by my inadequacies, but rather to allow God to work through my life.”

“It has given me the tools and strategy and boldness to share the gospel with people.”

“Spiritual sentness has changed our DNA!”

“It’s less daunting to share the gospel.”

“It has helped me understand more clearly that in my reationships we have God working already in the person’s heart and to use that as an ally.”

“Excellent tools in continuing to develop me as a person who has been sent.”

“Opened my eyes that every encounter is an opportunity to share.”

“It has given me clear steps and principles on being a witness.”

“It helped me grow in confidence that people’s hearts are longing for God. EvangelismSHIFT has impacted my life in countless ways. Evangelism is no longer scary, it is very do-able.”

“It has greatly impacted me and shifted my view to see that evangelism is for every believer.”

“Life changing. Heart changing.”

“God’s word hammered it to our heads and hearts. I think I finally got it!”

“Being activated by God’s calling and being sensitive to the everyday comission makes it much more simple and doable just like what Jesus did.”

“Very helpful. You have been a great blessing.”

“Excited how EvangelismSHIFT will take us and the congregation. God is truly moving in our midst.”

Thank you for your partnership in the gospel!


John, for the AFCI–Australia team
We are building a movement of churches across the world whose people have a culture of living as witnesses in their everyday encounters, calling others to respond to Christ.


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