As we come toward the end of the financial year my heart is full as I think of what a great year this has been in AFCI and our main initiative EvangelismSHIFT. Thank you so much for the part you have played in that through prayer and giving. My experience as a part of AFCI can be summed up as a story of answered prayers. The work of God through the years, and especially this year, in answer to prayer has amazed me.


Your financial partnership through the years has also blown me away. Repeatedly we have faced major challenges, called out to God in desperate dependence, and seen him provide through our partners in amazing, often miraculous ways.


What are your end-of-financial-year giving plans this June? As you make your giving plans, please pray about giving toward our $35,000 need by the end of June so that we can keep accelerating the spread of the gospel in our nation and beyond. Here’s some of what you will be supporting through your giving:


  • In response to the limitations churches have faced over the past year through various levels of lockdown or restrictions, we have launched Life2Life as a rapidly multiplying tool for individual Christians to work through with 3-4 other believers, teaching them how to live the witnessing lifestyle in their everyday encounters. Each then takes 3-4 other believers through Life2Life with them. Life2Life is now being taken up by individuals, churches and mission agencies around the world who are experiencing conversions and transformation through the witness of participants. Check it out at com
  • Many churches want to do effective evangelism, but don’t know how to put an evangelism strategy in place. We have just completed an online training course for church leaders, built on our experience of helping many churches with their evangelism strategy, and on our in-depth study of Jesus’ four approaches to evangelism. God will use this resource to help many churches increase their evangelistic impact. We have two other courses planned in this series.
  • New doors are opening for EvangelismSHIFT in Tasmania, Adelaide, and Perth, and internationally in Canada and Western Europe. A pastor in Canada who has done Life2Life commented to us that he keeps asking his pastor contacts what they are doing in the area of evangelism and they say, “Nothing, we need help.” We want to step through these doors.
  • We have plans to develop resources and a strategy for continuing to support those individuals and churches that have completed EvangelismSHIFT, helping them continue to grow as witnesses for Christ.


We need your partnership now more than ever. As you can see from the bullet points above, our vision is not just to maintain, but to continue accelerating the spread of the gospel. Just a couple of months ago we lost a major donor who was giving $25,000 each year for EvangelismSHIFT but is no longer able to give.


Please partner with us by the end of June to help meet our current $35,000 need and keep stepping forward into all that God has put in front of us, for his glory!


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Your partner in the gospel,

John North, for the AFCI team



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