We have been working on an EvangelismSHIFT tool called Life2Life. It’s a disciplemaking way of helping believers become active witnesses for Jesus in their everyday lives. The leader invites 2-3 other people to form a Life2Life Huddle with him/her. Together they start meeting weekly and learning to live as witnesses, praying for one another and being sounding boards for each other regarding their spiritual conversations with lost people. Halfway through the course, each person forms an additional Huddle with 2-3 other people and starts taking them on the same journey. Multiplication is happening!

Learning to be an effective witness is a powerful experience that is changing the lives of many believers. I will never forget one woman telling me, “I’ve wasted 30 years of my life not living as a witness for my Lord.” We have started hearing stories of people that Huddle members have now led to Christ.

Our AFCI team in Ukraine has formed a Life2Life Huddle with me. We meet every Tuesday. Our Slovakian team meets with me on Thursday. It is a beautiful experience listening to my Eastern European brothers speaking in their heavily accented English and sharing about their newly developing witnessing relationships. It’s encouraging to know that they are also praying for me in my redemptive relationships. Other members of our AFCI team are leading Huddles with church leaders here, who will then do the same with others.

What could be more important in these days than activating believers as witnesses!

If you would like to help us take Life2Life to more and more people, please consider supporting the ministry of AFCI today.

John North
for the AFCI Australia team


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