Thank you for being on this journey with us. The huge vision God has placed on our hearts to see a movement of transformed churches across Australia and beyond, whose people have a culture of living as witnesses in their everyday encounters, calling others to respond to Jesus – it couldn’t happen without you.

We have just finished up the two-year EvangelismSHIFT journey with 7 churches that started with us in 2016. In the first year of EvangelismSHIFT, we work with the leadership to pass on the lifestyle of a witness for Jesus. The next year the leaders pass on that lifestyle to the congregation.

Our goal is real culture change in the life of the churches we work with. We have seen that happening in all of these churches.

A couple of months ago I spoke at a social event put on by one of these churches. The event was designed for believers to invite the non-Christian friends they have been building redemptive relationships with. For many of these friends the event was the first time they had ever done anything connected to a church, even though it was mostly outdoor activities and not done at a church at all. The event was packed with secular people.

Before the event I was chatting with the wife of one of the leadership couples that had been doing EvangelismSHIFT. She excitedly shared that during our very first seminar with the leaders of that church, she and her husband had each begun praying for three people in their lives who needed Christ, and had then begun growing those relationships.

She said, “Five out of the six people we have been getting to know are coming this afternoon!”

Her husband said, “Before EvangelismSHIFT we would never have thought of ourselves as witnesses with the other parents in our kids’ soccer program. Now we can’t attend anything without thinking about how God might want to work through us.”

This couple’s story so clearly represents the changes we are seeing in leadership teams and congregations across the churches we are working with. I think you would agree with me that our churches desperately need this transformation.

Is God putting it on your heart to be involved with us in taking EvangelismSHIFT to more and more churches?

Please ask God how he wants you to partner with us in this vision to bring this transforming evangelistic culture change to churches across Australia and beyond by helping us meet our need of $50,000 before 31st December.

Together, let’s help believers get back in step with Jesus’ way of living as a witness in the world!