People often think that Christianity is “just another religion”. Have you ever heard someone say that Jesus is just another religious figure? Why does this even matter? Well, this misconception deeply affects the way you experience life, both now and for eternity.

Here are three reasons why Christianity is so different from all other religions and why every person should seriously consider who Jesus Christ really is.

Christianity is not about our search for God but about God’s search for us!

In various ways and forms all religions of the world are searching for God, searching for a better life, enlightenment or a connection to the universe. All religions are reaching up to God or trying to find meaning. All religions have various symbols, gods or goddesses that represent their beliefs. Christianity, on the other hand, is not about our search for God but about God’s search for us.

Christianity is about God who, motivated by his immense love for all humanity, reached down to us. Christianity is about God coming into our world in the form of a man, Jesus Christ, in order to bring us into a life-changing relationship with him.


Christianity is not about what we do for God but what he has done for us!

In order to please God or to earn God’s favour all religions have rituals and sacred rules you must live by. Some religions (even ‘Christian’ ones) believe in doing good works to appease God, while others demand you make significant sacrifices in order to win Gods favour. Still others believe how you live this life determines what state you will live a following life in.

Christianity, on the other hand, is all about what Jesus Christ has done for us. Christianity teaches that there is nothing we can do to make ourselves right with God. We all fall short of Gods holy standard. However, the good news is, Jesus Christ made a way for us to be made right with God by giving his own life by dying on a cross.

When you put your trust in Jesus Christ and what he has done for you, you are made right with God.

Then Christians choose, not to appease God, but to live for him out of love for the One who gave his all for them.


Christianity is not about a merely historical figure, but about a living person – Jesus Christ!

All religions have various religious figures that are respected and admired by others for their commitment and dedication to their beliefs. These people lived and died at a point in time and had an impact on the world to various degrees.

Christianity’s central figure, Jesus Christ, is a man who lived, and history testifies to him having a global impact. But unlike other religions, Jesus Christ wasn’t just a man but also God. Yes, Jesus died but he is alive today!

Jesus was known for his love, compassion and acceptance of all people, even to the point that the religious elite of his day referred to him as “a friend or sinners”. As their friend Jesus invited people to follow a living, loving God who was reaching out to them.

That same Jesus is alive today. He became a man, lived on this earth and gave his life so mankind could be made right with God. But the good news continues—Jesus Christ did not remain dead.

After three days he rose to life again and is alive for all mankind to know him personally. I’ve come to know Jesus Christ personally and so can you!


Make no mistake about it, Christianity is significantly different to all other religions of the world. It is the only religion that offers true inner peace for today and hope for the future through a real and personal relationship with God. That relationship comes, not because of good things I do, but because of what God has already done for me through Jesus!

Have you placed your trust in Jesus Christ? He invites you today to turn from living life your own way. Choose this day to surrender your life to him.


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