For many people, God is just a power you turn to when you are desperate. When you have tried everything else in life and you are in crisis and you have nowhere else to turn, turn to God. But if everything is okay in your life and you are not desperate, then God is not necessary.

How can you help someone like this to rethink their need for God? How can you help them see that the Christian message is not just for people who are desperate?

It’s important to acknowledge that God is there for those who are desperate. Often in times of desperation people move very quickly towards faith in Christ, because their need for God is so obvious. The Samaritan Woman was desperate for real love, the Philippian Jailer felt like his life was over. In both of these cases, Jesus met them at their point of desperation and changed their lives. God loves to respond to cries for help!

But often the person you are talking to is not desperate and doesn’t feel his or her need for God. How can you have meaningful God conversations with a person like that? Try talking with them about the meaning of life. Ask them, “Do you know the meaning of life?” Ask them, “Do you ever wonder if there is more to life than just waking up, going to work/school/uni, coming home, playing games, watching TV, and going to bed?” Talk with them about God, who made them with purpose. Ask, “Do you know what you were made for?” Share that God wants to work through them to change the lives of people all around them. Ask them if they have found God’s purpose for them. Ask if anyone has ever shared with them how they can start a relationship with God.

Ask God to use you in the lives of the people around you whose lives are not in crisis. Ask him to turn their hearts to him, through you!


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