When thinking about keeping our passion for evangelism, we often focus on what we can pour into our lives to keep the fire burning. However, experience has proved to me that pouring my life out into the lives of others boosts my passion for Evangelism.

In 2010 I had the opportunity to run some training for a group of teenagers. The focus was on living boldly for God and boldly sharing our faith. In preparing some of the exercises for this teen camp I came to realise how relaxed I was when it came to boldly sharing my faith with those in my life who do not know Jesus.


One of the exercises I had the teens do was to record their faith story. I had them think about what their life was like before they became a Christian and record some thoughts. I then asked them to think about how they came to know about Jesus and why they decided to accept Jesus as their Savior. I had them record the people God used in their life to help them know about Jesus. I then asked them to think about and record how their life has changed since becoming a Christian.


The point of this exercise was to help the teens see that God used people in their life to introduce them to Jesus and now God wants to use them to introduce himself to others they know. It was so wonderful to hear teens boldly sharing their faith story with each other, some for the first time in their Christian life.


For me, this opportunity to encourage Christians in their witness was a great encouragement and growth exercise for me in my own witness. When I took the time to think about and clearly articulate my faith story I saw the people God had bought into my life and saw how God had drawn me to himself. To see Gods faithfulness was so impactful and since this camp I have had opportunities to share my faith journey with countless people.


Who are the brothers and sisters in Christ you can encourage today in their witness for Jesus? Why not ask them to share their faith journey with you. Ask them who God used in their life to help them know about Jesus. Ask them what made them decide to trust Jesus as their Saviour. Ask them if they have ever shared their story with a non-Christian friend. Then, share with them your faith story and together ask God to give you each an opportunity to share your faith story (or part of it) with someone in your life who does not know him.


I guarantee you, having this conversation with a brother in sister in Christ, asking God to give you each an opportunity to share with someone, and seeing God give you that opportunity will definitely grow your passion for evangelism!


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  1. Thanks for encouragement and information you send. Thank you also for Time With God in the mornings.

    • I’ll let Aaron know about this. I’m glad that you were encouraged. I agree, having a conversation with God through His words is the only best way to start the day! 🙂

    • Hi Dianne,
      I’m so glad your enjoying our blogs. Feel free to pass them on to other you know who may be encouraged by them.

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