I have never felt bolder than I do right now to ask you to dig deep and help meet our $45,000 need by the end of June.


There has never been a more crucial time for believers to openly live as witnesses for Jesus Christ. No wonder God raised up EvangelismSHIFT just a few years before the coronavirus hit!


Our world is in turmoil. The reality of death is at the forefront of people’s minds, and if not, then the upheaval to jobs, businesses and the economy is! People are uncertain about their future and looking for hope. When believers share about what God means to them, people are eager to hear and talk about it.


At the same time, lockdown and the inability to attend church buildings has radically shifted people’s perspective on church. Now the place of fellowship, teaching and worship is the Christian home, not the church building. People will not encounter Christ by attending meetings and events held at church buildings. They will encounter Christ through witnessing Christians!


That’s why I’m asking you to help us activate more believers as witnesses as we continue to move forward with EvangelismSHIFT, by giving to our need of $45,000 by the end of June.


EvangelismSHIFT is turning church leaders into active witnesses and then equipping them to do the same with their people. Here are a few comments from the hundreds of testimonials we have received from recent EvangelismSHIFT church leaders:

  • “God has used EvangelismSHIFT to change my life.”
  • “Ever since attending EvangelismSHIFT I have had opportunities to share the gospel. For example, I was in the hospital waiting room chatting with 2 different people with health problems. I offered to pray for them and that led to me sharing Jesus with them.”
  • “My opportunities to share the gospel have been increased since EvangelismSHIFT. At work, I have decided that people’s eternity is more important than what others might think of me.”


Many people have lost their jobs, or their financial future is uncertain and they are unable to give. If you have been able to keep working, would you consider a greater gift than normal at this time?


We must continue transforming more and more Christians into active witnesses for Jesus and more and more churches into witnessing communities in these days when people’s hearts are open to God.


Please partner with us this month and help us meet our $45,000 need so that we can continue to accelerate the spread of the gospel in this generation! You can simply go to www.afci.com.au/donate.


Your fellow witness,

John North, for the team

Ambassadors for Christ International–Australia



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  1. What a ministry. I thank The Lord for using you in such a mighty way trough the Evangelism Shift. And thank you for the encouraging emails.
    God bless

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