While churches are in lockdown, we have been creating new resources! We are halfway through developing a new online course for church leaders to help them create an effective evangelism strategy for their churches. The videoing finished last week and now we are creating the accompanying resources.


This month, all of our current EvangelismSHIFT churches are restarting our seminars with their leaders. We are so glad to be re-engaging with these leadership teams as they learn to live as witnesses for Jesus in preparation for passing this lifestyle on to their congregations. The vast majority of leaders we work with have not openly witnessed for Jesus before and have seen it as impossible for them. When we help them see how to make it a part of normal encounters with people instead of one big terrifying conversation that they try to work up the courage for and finally have, while sweat pours down their forehead, the word we hear over and over again is “freeing”. We are seeing church leaders change their way of living and this changes churches!


Thank you so much for your partnership as we begin meeting with leadership teams again. Together with you, we are changing the world in an increasing number of churches and communities!


Please consider a gift this month.


John, for the AFCI team


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