I want to give you a spiritual challenge and also ask you to help us meet our need of $45,000 by the end of September so that together we can keep on accelerating the spread of the gospel in these days when people are searching for answers.


First, remember what your life is about. As a Christian, your top priority in life is your relationship with God. You were designed so that your life only works properly when he is at the centre of it. What is squeezing him out of the centre of your life? Busyness? Addictions? Other people? Games? Exercise? Entertainment? Whatever is taking God’s place at the centre of your life, be ruthless with it! If you put God back in first place in your life, you will find the other areas of your life coming into balance and your relationship with God will grow and grow.


That is your top priority. Second, as a Christian your ultimate purpose in life is to partner with God as he draws other people to know him and put him first in their lives. The Bible calls Timothy “God’s co-worker in the gospel of Christ” and that’s just what God wants you to be too! There are three ways for you to accomplish this. All three of these ways should be growing in your life:

  1. Use your spiritual gifts in your church to help your church reach more and more people for Christ.
  2. Spend time with secular, lost people that you know, and journey with them to faith in Jesus.
  3. Focus your prayers and financial giving on ministries that are focused on accelerating the spread of the gospel in our world. It doesn’t mean you don’t give to other things, but just as Jesus did lots of practical good, his focus was on his primary purpose: “The Son of Man came to seek and to save the lost” (Luke 19:10).


As our name reveals, Ambassadors for Christ International have taken Jesus’ primary purpose as our primary purpose. That’s why I’m confident to invite you partner with us financially to meet our need of $45,000 this month.


There has never been a more urgent time for believers to share their faith than right now, when so many people are looking for hope, for security, for answers, for God. Together with you we must step into this opportunity God has put before us!


Yesterday afternoon I was mentoring four people in Ukraine over Zoom, helping them learn the lifestyle of a witness for Jesus as they prepare to launch EvangelismSHIFT in their nation. It was so exciting to hear them listing unsaved people in their lives who they have been ignoring, and to hear the growing passion to reach these people for Christ, along with what they are going to do this week to accomplish that.


Please stop now and ask God if he would have you give today to accelerate the spread of the gospel and to grow this movement of churches across Australia and across the world—churches whose people have a culture of living as witnesses, calling others to respond to Christ!


To give, simply go to https://afci.com.au/give . Thank you for partnering with us and with God to change our world!


John North

For the AFCI team



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