A special thing we do on family holidays is “ice-cream o’clock” … it’s a time each afternoon when we grab an ice-cream from the local store.

It doesn’t matter what’s happened throughout the day… “ice-cream” o’clock is a time when all is forgiven and we enjoy each other’s company.

It’s a significant cost buying all those ice-creams and my daughter loves to see if there is any change she can keep…

But relationships are worth the cost.

Do you realise that Jesus Christ has bought you something special?

He paid for it in full… and it’s sweeter than any ice-cream.

By giving His life on the cross He has bought you forgiveness and restored your relationship with God… Jesus paid the price… we keep the change!

It doesn’t matter what you’ve done in life… God loves you and can change you when you place your trust in Him.

That’s when you can experience life with God… and that’s a change worth keeping!


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    • Thanks heaps, brother Terry! I will surely let Aaron, know! This Good Friday message and Easter Sunday blog by Aaron were actually aired in Hope 103.2! Blessings to you brother and Happy Easter!!

    • Thanks Terry. Easter is my favourite event in the year. Such as great cost to our Lord and such a great gift for us!

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