Answer 11: The Holy Spirits uses my church family in a person’s salvation.

What is your experience of church? Has your experience been believers gathered? Or has your experience been believers scattered? Has your experience been both these things or neither of them?

What would be your picture of the ideal Christian church?

Can you imagine a church who loves being together? And not just in the presence of one another but who actively seek the benefit of one another. A church who shares everything they have and has a concern for each other in a way that no one goes without, and everyone’s needs are considered.

Can you imagine a church who hang onto every word of the Bible? They love hearing the word being taught and get lost in time as they devour every sentence of God’s written word. A church who humbly live in response to the authority of God’s word and pursue opportunities to share it abundantly with each other and the world about them.

Can you imagine a church who love to worship God in prayer and actively listen to our Lord’s voice. A church who prayerfully depend on God and intercede for one another and others in their world who need Christ.  

Can you imagine a church who can’t help but remember Jesus and all that he has done when they gather? They testify of his grace and interaction in their lives. A church who makes room for our Lord in the eating, drinking and daily activities. They passionately praise God and live in gratitude? Who give generously and serve sacrificially.

Can you imagine the impact this church would have on the people you know who don’t know Jesus? I can, because this IS the Christian Church, true followers of our Lord Jesus Christ across the world, gathered and scattered for the Glory of God.

In Acts 2 we see a picture of the early church where (v47) “the Lord added to their number day by day those who were being saved” because people saw and experienced God living and working in and through the church, his people.

Whatever your church family looks like, God can and wants to use your church family in a person’s salvation.

How could you connect your non-Christian friends to your church family this week? Is there a social event coming up you can invite them to? Would they be interested in meeting your small group? When was the last time you asked them if they wanted to come to church?

Take time now to read through Acts 2:41-47 and ask God to show you how he will use your church family in a person’s salvation.


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