Andrew is the Office Manager at AFCI. He has been married to his wife Tracey for 12 years and has 3 kids, aged 10 (Jake), 8 (Ryley) and 1 (Micah). He has spent most of his life in Sydney, but still considers himself a Tasmanian as he was born in Devonport. His dream is to move back to Tassie with his family. He loves any kind of sport and plays soccer and rides his mountain bike regularly. He is a self confessed nerd, spending his down time reading books and playing computer games. 


Andrew with his family

His first job out of school was with Ambassadors for Christ back in 1999. He then moved into the workforce before God called him out of his job and “climbing the corporate ladder”, and back to Ambassadors for Christ in 2013. He has been there since helping to keep EvangelismSHIFT running smoothly from behind the scenes. Andrew’s home church is Hillsong Church at the Hills Campus.


Check out some of Andrew’s favourite articles

What is your purpose in life?

Is your purpose to live, get as much money or other things as possible and then die, leaving them all behind? That’s fairly depressing, isn’t it? But that is what many in the world believe. […]

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Why is Jesus according to the Gospel?

To many, Jesus is just a word to use when frustrated or angry. To others, he is simply a good person who lived long ago and had some good things to say. But who is Jesus according to the Gospel? […]

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Why do you do the things you do?

Imagine you are cooking dinner tonight. What will you cook? You will choose something you like, right? You wouldn’t choose foods that you don’t like. Your choice of dinner would follow the “value” that you place on different foods. […]

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Your unexpected ally in evangelism

Personally, I have been to quite a lot of Sydney harbour, New Year’s parties and I can tell you without a shadow of a doubt the cheer that greeted this word was SO much louder than anything I had heard before or heard since. Why is this? Why do we get so excited about a simple word like that? […]

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