John likes 4-wheel-driving, mountain biking, and family games. He was born and grew up his early years in India, did his studies in America, where he met his wife Lois. John has been a part of the AFCI team in Australia for the past 24 years. He is our team leader and loves to teach God’s word in a way that brings people to decision about their relationship with God.

John North

John North

John has been involved in evangelism since he found Christ as a teenager, but found that all his evangelism was organised evangelism and he didn’t know how to live as a witness for Jesus in everyday encounters with people. That began an journey that changed his life as he learned to be intentional in every encounter. Now he enjoys taking other people on that same journey.


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You are like people who don’t know Jesus

Maybe that title seems very strange to you. After all, your life has been totally changed by Jesus Christ […]

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How to pray for those who need Jesus

Sometimes we feel totally inadequate to share Christ with people. We don’t know how to start a spiritual conversation or how to communicate the gospel in a way that engages people […]

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Do worldly people want to talk about God?

One the big fears that keeps us from starting ‘God-conversations’ with people is the belief that secular people aren’t interested in God at all […]

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Jesus’ model—relational time with secular people

What does ‘following Jesus’ mean to you as a Christian? What does it mean to be ‘Christlike’? […]

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