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GrowthWorks is designed to stir up the real spiritual life of believers and then to help them see that while the first priority of their lives is their own walk with God the purpose of their lives is to be used by God in what he is doing in the lives of  the people around them.

Many churches use GrowthWorks in their small groups church-wide with great impact. We also partner with AFCI International to take GrowthWorks to other languages and nations.

From a pastor’s wife in New South Wales:
“GrowthWorks has been the most challenging and rewarding Bible study series I have ever undertaken. I feel like the scales have been lifted from my eyes and I now know how to live the victorious Christian life”

From Nambucca Baptist Church which ran GrowthWorks church-wide in their small groups:
“GrowthWorks has changed the culture of our church. Throughout the last ten weeks the greeting has been, “Have you done GrowthWorks this week? What did you get out of it?” It has changed the thinking and conversation of this church”



Designed for reading on your own or as a small group experience in conjunction with the Leaders Book.

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