LifeWorks is a resource AFCI developed to help local churches lead totally non-churched people to faith in Christ.

Through teaching designed specifically for a non-churched person, and through relationships with real Christians, thousands of Australian adults have come to faith in Christ through LifeWorks.

We also partner with AFCI International to take LifeWorks to other languages and nations.

From Facebook “I hope I’ve found the right John North. I became a Christian through your LifeWorks course.”

A young woman whose family came to Christ through LifeWorks at St Paul’s Anglican church, Castle Hill, wrote:

“It is hard to imagine or maybe even remember my family as we were 5 years ago. Yet a short 5 years ago we were your average middle class atheist family. We had nothing to do with God and we were quite happy for things to stay that way. As I am writing this now, it blows me away completely the way our masterful God works.”

A the end of her letter describing how God used LifeWorks in her family’s life, she concludes,

“John, thanks for your work and dedication! My family now knows Jesus because of your vision!”

We also offer LifeWorks for free as a streaming. Please go to the LifeWorks page for more information



Designed to be used in small groups, this pack includes everything you need to run Lifeworks including the DVD’s and a USB flash drive.


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