Is your passion to share Christ with the people around you growing cold? Reignite it by reading and sharing stories of how Christ has changed people’s lives!

My family and I have a daily practice that has had a big impact on my passion for evangelism. A couple of years ago we signed up to receive the monthly Challenge newspaper. The paper is designed to be given to, or picked up by, secular non-churched people. It is packed with gripping stories of people who have encountered Christ. None of the article titles sound churchy and the writing style is very engaging.


More than 4 million people read this paper and many, many have put their faith in Christ as a result. Non-Christians are the target audience of Challenge. But we use it for a different purpose. We want our kids to grow up with the absolute confidence that no matter what happens in their lives, Jesus can change them and their circumstances. We also want them to have the confidence that no matter how hard or worldly the people in their lives are, God can reach into their lives and rescue them.


So, every morning before I head to the office we get the kids up and read together one of the stories of people whose lives were falling apart, and Jesus brought new life, real love, new hope and new meaning into their lives. Some of the stories are truly amazing—the level of brokenness and hopelessness that God transformed. Then we read a story from the Bible. God is at work in our world!


This practice has given me such a passion to share Christ with people. I know that without God people’s lives are far from whole. No matter what they portray on the surface there is some level of desperation. We were made for God and our lives are not right without him. What’s more, I have an absolute confidence that God can change any desperate situation that seems completely hopeless, when a person turns to Christ.


Growing your passion through stories of Christ changing lives can also be accomplished by having people in your small group share their story of finding Jesus.


However you accomplish it, I encourage you to regularly read and share stories of how Christ has changed people’s lives.


If you want to sign up for the Challenge newspaper, head over to their or download the order form directly


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