Do you know that God has a specific purpose for your life? What could God do in you, if you maintain your daily walk with him and if you embrace his purpose in your life?


If you knew, beyond any shadow of doubt, what God wanted you to do, would you do it?


“You need to expand your understanding of God’s purpose for you. We get so caught up with what we want God to do in our lives. “Lord, please bless me; Lord, please help me overcome this persistent sin in my life; Lord, please grow me in my relationship with you. Lord..” We have all these godly desires, that have to do with God’s purpose for us, but we need to expand our understanding of God’s purpose. God’s purpose for you goes beyond you. Thus, the Lord has commanded us, “I have placed you as a light to the nations.. (Isaiah 49:6) .God has placed you in your family, in your university, in your job, in y our neighbourhood, beside the person you sit with on the bus or in the train.. God has placed you..whether your situations are good or bad..whether you are healthy or whether you got a bad sickness. Whatever your circumstance, God has placed you to be a light and you need to embrace God’s purpose for you because God’s purpose for you is BEYOND YOURSELF..Embrace God’s purpose for you, because it is his purpose for you to look beyond yourself but also because it is the way of TOTAL joy in life.”


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