Recently I have been asking God to give me a renewed passion and burden for people who don’t yet know him. I’ve been asking him for opportunities to share the good news of Jesus with others. And I have realized that the opportunities I’ve been asking for are the very things that God is using to keep my passion for evangelism alive.

Today I was on my way home when I met a man who asked what I did for a living. I told him that I train church leaders to live out what they believe so they can help their people do the same. We had some small talk where he clarified I was a Christian and likened me to a “church father”. It was at this stage I knew God was at work in this man’s life, so I prayed for God to help me in this conversation.


I asked the man “What is your spiritual belief”? He informed me his family had a Hindu background, but he liked some of the Buddhist beliefs. The man then asked me “What do Christians believe? Do you have rules you need to live by”? What an opening! I couldn’t believe he asked this question. Earlier on in the day I had placed some tracts in my pocket so I could reach them easily if an opportunity came. The particular tract I had was based on Romans 6:23 and talks about rules (ten commandments) we have broken separating us from God. It talks about God’s gift of restored relationship and eternal life through Jesus Christ. By God’s grace I took out the tract, gave one to this man and took time to explain the good news of Jesus Christ.


To my surprise when I had finished answering the man’s question he explained to me that about two months ago he sat next to another guy who was travelling to do some training with church leaders and he told him the same things as I had just told him. I asked to the man “What does that tell you? …It tells me that God is trying to get your attention.” I asked him “If you died today where would you spend eternity?” He was unsure. I assured him that he can be certain of eternity with God when he places his faith in Jesus Christ and invites him into his life.


He then asked me what my experience has been like as a Christian and I was able to share my faith story with him and again encourage him with the truth of a real relationship with God.


While to my knowledge the man didn’t surrender his life to Jesus, he was eager to know more. I gave him my details and I’m praying for an opportunity to meet up again with him soon.


This experience impacted me in several ways. First, it showed me that God is already at work in a person’s life long before I share with them. Second, it taught me how God can take an ordinary situation and turn it into a divine encounter with the Truth of Jesus. Lastly, it gave me great joy knowing I had joined God in his mission for this man and increased my passion to share again with others.


With a renewed passion I was on the lookout for more opportunities to share with people and within hours God gave me another opportunity – this time with a man whose father “calls himself a Christian but doesn’t practice”. Again, this encounter taught me much, has strengthened my faith and increased my boldness for Christ.


Today, be encouraged. If you want to keep your passion for evangelism alive, pray and look for opportunities to share Christ with people. The more you share Christ with people the more you will want to share Christ with people.


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