How Christmas motivates us to live as witnesses for Jesus—Time with extended family is an opportunity to share about Christ

When I have spent Christmas with family or friends who don’t know the Lord, sometimes I have been too pushy, and sometimes I have held back too much. But the reality is that any time that you are with extended family members who do not yet know the Lord is a great opportunity for meaningful spiritual discussions, but Christmas is even better than other times, because Christmas is about Jesus!

Who will you be with this Christmas? Can you invite some people over for Christmas afternoon? If you did, how could you bring God into it?

I always take the opportunity to read the Christmas story and talk a bit about the idea of gifts and why Jesus is God’s amazing gift to us.A great idea is to read the Christmas story, then ask one of the kids to re-tell it in their own words, then just ask a question or two of the family group. Why do you think that Jesus needed to come into our world? What was God communicating to us by sending his Son into the world? Then just let God take the conversation where he will, and be available for him to use you to help people come to know him.

God loves to come into moments like that and reveal himself to people’s hearts!