Why am I here?

It’s one of the most foundational questions of life, and one of the most intuitive. Something niggles at the back of our consciousness, an awareness that we have a purpose in life, even if we have not found it yet. Many great fiction books tap into this awareness with stories of young people who discover they were born with a great destiny to fulfil. Why do such stories grab the attention of so many readers? Because we understand that things in this world have a reason for being here.

I remember listening to a podcast by a secular scientist who was one of those who discovered the existence of neutrinos in the universe. The hosts of the podcast had just been bashing the concept of ‘intelligent design in the universe’ before welcoming this guest.

As they interviewed the scientist about his discovery, he made the comment, “As soon as we discovered neutrinos we began asking, ‘What function do they serve in the universe?’”

“Yes,” the hosts agreed, “and where did that lead you?”

I smiled as I listened. No matter what their politically correct statements about intelligent design said, when they discovered something new in the universe they knew that it had a function, a purpose, that it was designed.

So, when you want someone in your life to consider Christianity, why don’t you start with the idea of purpose? Ask them if they feel like they have found their purpose in life yet. If they have, ask them how they decided that was their purpose and see where the conversation takes you.

If they have not found their purpose yet, talk about how we find our purpose through a relationship with the one who made us! He has a purpose in this world and when we start walking with him, we find our purpose too. His purpose becomes our purpose as we partner with him in introducing people to Jesus and his life-changing message.


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