Inviting non-churched people into our Christian circles of relationship is always a good idea.

The first time I invited non-Christians into a Christian environment was on my 18th birthday! I remember I was really nervous. 90% of my friends were Christians. We had our Christian jokes and our favourite worship songs and we were a cool and comfortable group of friends!

But I wanted to invite my two high-school classmates who were my close friends. So I took a deep breath and asked them to come. At which they said yes, of course, they would come. I was shocked and slightly terrified.

In the run up to my birthday, I remember praying for two things (that it would be a cool party, and that my brothers would not embarrass me by showing everyone baby pictures—which they did).

Now, my friends knew that I was a Christian. But they hadn’t been in a Christian environment before—until my birthday when they saw what my life looked like surrounded by genuine Christian friends and family. Friends and family who made jokes and ate crazy amounts of food. Friends and family who prayed for me and encouraged me after I blew out the candles on my giant cake.




And guess what? My non-Christian friends were not freaked out. Rather, they thought it was so cool that I had a family and friends who genuinely loved me and cared for me.

What I really loved about that birthday was the fact that I was able to show my friends that Christian people aren’t weird or freaky. Christian people are everyday kind of people who through Christ are empowered to be loving, encouraging and accepting.

Our love for one another as believers shouts a message into the minds of people who don’t know him. In John 13:35 Jesus says “By this all people will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another.” Our love for the lost has a big impact, yes. But also our love for one another as Christians makes the Christian message so attractive to those who don’t yet know Jesus.

In our society, more and more people who are skeptical of the faith are often attracted to the Christian community before they are attracted to the Christian message. Therefore, introducing people into our Christian communities becomes an important aspect of their journey towards Jesus.

As beings created in the image of God, we need to be in relationship with others. We reflect God, who is Trinitarian, with the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit in perfect fellowship with one another.

Knowing whose image each of us bear, we cannot afford to underestimate the power of a personal invitation to a birthday party, a BBQ, a football game, …anywhere Christian relationships will be in view!


Last thoughts 

In this set of blogs we’ve been talking about the values you can develop in yourself, that will cause you to live as a witness for Jesus. Here’s Witnessing Lifestyle Priority #7: Drawing those I am trying to reach into a real Christian community.


When was the last time you invited a non-Christian into a Christian environment? How did it impact them? Were you nervous? Let us know in the comments down below:


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  1. Thank you so much for your thoughts which are very moving. One of the reasons I came to know our Lord is because of the wonderful witness, hospitality & acceptance of a school friend & her dear mother when I was a school boarder.

  2. (I’m an existing subscriber)
    Hi brother John,
    A good & wise rephrase of an original Peter Lehmann’s phrase,but in the Christian practical living context.
    May God bless you & your ministry, dear brother.
    I’m committed to daily praying for you & ministry, among many other Christian ministries that I’m praying for.
    Please be encouraged dear brother- you are not alone.

  3. LAST WEEK!!
    I had a couple of ladies over for a lunch and they were non christian ( and Indigenous) and had a lovely time. We talked more over lunch than we had ever had a chance too before in our volunteer roles at the Foodbank. And got to know each other on a deeper level. its a great way to take a few extra steps up the journey walk rather quickly. I highly recommend it to anyone journeying with a non christian.

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