The New Year is such a great time for resetting your compass, for evaluating your priorities […]
As we have been talking about in recent blogs, Christmas is a time of the year […]
Chatting with people around Christmastime is the perfect time for significant spiritual conversations to arise. Most […]
Christmas brings many natural opportunities for God-conversations to take place, from the work parties to school […]
The good news about this job is that in order to be a fisher of man […]
Remember the story of Arthur Stace? He was an Australian soldier who came home and wrote […]
In his letter to the Corinthian church, the Apostle Paul responds to matters about which they […]
There was a famous German opera that lasted more than 12 hours whenever it was performed. […]
Inviting non-churched people into our Christian circles of relationship is always a good idea.
Maybe that title seems very strange to you. After all, your life has been totally changed […]