Christmas Evangelistic Conversation starter #3: Why is it called Christmas?

As we have been talking about in recent blogs, Christmas is a time of the year where people all around you are more open to talking about spirituality than usual. For most people around us Christmas is all about Santa Claus, Christmas trees and the giving of presents. But for us Christians it’s so much more than that. We have seen over the last few weeks some simple ways to introduce Jesus into a conversation at Christmastime and here’s another one.

You could be chatting to your friends, or even someone you don’t know, and say something like, “Do you know why this holiday is called Christmas?”  Or even something more lighthearted like, “Why do you think it’s called Christmas and not SantaClausmas?” For many people who aren’t exposed to church, they may never have even considered this. Some of the people you know probably have no idea.

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Christmas Evangelistic Conversation Starter #2: “Why do you think Jesus has had such an impact on the world?”

Chatting with people around Christmastime is the perfect time for significant spiritual conversations to arise. Most people won’t move into this kind of conversation with you on their own, so we have come up with a few “Christmas conversation starters” to help you have these meaningful gospel conversations with people in your life.

When you bring up one of these conversation starters, relax and enjoy the conversation. Remember that it is not up to you to ‘convert’ this person. Rather, trust God to direct the conversation. It will be one step on this person’s journey to faith in Christ.

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Christmas Evangelistic Conversation Starter #1: “Who is Jesus to you?”

Christmas brings many natural opportunities for God-conversations to take place, from the work parties to school break ups, club dinners, sports presentations and family celebrations, all of us will be with people at some stage during this Christmas season.

These occasions are times when God wants to use you to engage in intentional gospel conversations. You don’t have to be with people very long at this time of year to get an opportunity to start a conversation that God can use to draw people one step closer to him.

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It’s not over until the fat lady shares the gospel!

There was a famous German opera that lasted more than 12 hours whenever it was performed. As the story came to a conclusion, the character who sang the final piece was always played by a large woman wearing a helmet with horns or wings on top of it. As the long story unfolded, people would hopefully ask the person they were sitting with, “Is this the final piece?” The proverbial answer would come back, “It’s not over until the fat lady sings!”

It’s true that evangelism is not only about sharing the gospel. People journey towards Christ for some time before crossing the line to faith in him and we choose a narrow understanding of evangelism if we think evangelism only includes helping a person take the final step of faith.

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