The New Year is such a great time for resetting your compass, for evaluating your priorities and how you are spending your life and making some changes that will help you grow a bit more towards what God wants for your life in the coming year.

As you think of your calling from God to be his witness in the world around you, here are our ten suggested New Year Resolutions for someone growing to be an effective witness. I have taken these from the first ten of our daily Time With God devotions of the coming year. If you want to be challenged more deeply from scripture about these, head over to Time-with-god to sign up for the daily devotional emails.
10 New Year Resolutions of a Witness for Jesus:
Resolution #1: I will increase my sense that God has sent me into every encounter with people!
Resolution #2: I will build real friendships with non-churched people!
Resolution #3: I will help people take the next step on their journey towards Christ!
Resolution #4: I will pray regularly by name for the people in my life who don’t know Jesus!
Resolution #5: I will accept my own inadequacy and trust Jesus to reach people through me!
Resolution #6: I will find connecting points between the gospel and the person I’m trying to reach!
Resolution #7: I will draw those I am trying to reach for Christ into real Christian community!
Resolution #8: I will clearly communicate the gospel message and invite people to put their trust in Christ!
Resolution #9: I will care more about how I minister to others than I do about how they treat me!
Resolution #10: I will speak out with the confidence that people’s hearts long for God!
May God help you on your journey towards being his witness in the coming year.



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