THINGS THAT KEEP YOU FROM BEING A WITNESS Answer: “People don’t seem interested in Christianity.” Recently […]
HOW IS THE HOLY SPIRIT INVOLVED IN A PERSON’S SALVATION? Answer 13: Regeneration—enables a fallen, self-centred […]
Answer 12: He gives believers boldness to speak for God. What is the number one thing […]
Answer 11: The Holy Spirits uses my church family in a person’s salvation. What is your […]
Answer 10: He gives us the words to say. I flew into Seattle a few weeks […]
Answer 9: He creates an awareness of God in the person. I remember sitting down with […]
Answer 8: He uses my Bible in a person’s salvation. Sometimes when we are having spiritual […]
Answer 6: The Spirit is the one that fills the void for God has set eternity […]
Answer 2: The Spirit sends believers into people’s lives to be a witness. “You’re a pastor? […]
Answer 1: The Spirit helps you recognise opportunities to share Christ with people. I enjoy playing […]