As we have been talking about in recent blogs, Christmas is a time of the year where people all around you are more open to talking about spirituality than usual. For most people around us Christmas is all about Santa Claus, Christmas trees and the giving of presents. But for us Christians it’s so much more than that. We have seen over the last few weeks some simple ways to introduce Jesus into a conversation at Christmastime and here’s another one.

You could be chatting to your friends, or even someone you don’t know, and say something like, “Do you know why this holiday is called Christmas?”  Or even something more lighthearted like, “Why do you think it’s called Christmas and not SantaClausmas?” For many people who aren’t exposed to church, they may never have even considered this. Some of the people you know probably have no idea.

As Christians, we know that it’s called Christmas because it celebrates the birth of our saviour Jesus Christ. It comes from the words “Christ Mass” which originated around 1038AD. However, remember that many people in western nations who have not gone to church don’t even know who Jesus Christ is!

So in answering the question, you could say something like, “It’s called Christmas because the holiday celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ. Do you know who Jesus is and why he is important to us?” Immediately you are in the middle of a significant conversation about Christ.

Remember in your conversations to use a lot of questions and then LISTEN. Don’t try and get a specific monologue off your chest, or give a gospel ‘presentation’ to them. Rather, try to have a gospel conversation! Interact with what they are saying. If the conversation takes a tangent go with it.

Remember also that if you don’t know the answer to a question, you can admit this to them. If they are interested to talk, ask them if they would like to do a Bible study with you to find out more. You would be amazed how many people are intrigued by that suggestion. Set a time to meet and use one of the several great evangelistic Bible study tools.

It isn’t you who has to convince people about the reality of Jesus’ birth and what that means for the world today. If you ask God to help you in your conversations with others, then he will! It’s God who works on their hearts. Follow his leading and you never know where it may take you. If you find yourself discouraged because you have talked to so many people, but no one has interacted with you the way you would like, be encouraged that they are on a journey towards God and you have played a part in taking them on that journey.

I myself have been challenged writing this this year as I realise that all the trips and events we have organised as a family have been with our church family and other Christian friends. We need to make a deliberate decision to include those people who God has put into our lives. I would challenge you to think about this as well. As you spend time with people this season, do your best to involve your non-Christian friends in your celebrations. You never know how God will use this time in their lives.

God bless you all this Christmas and we pray that he will use you in ways you cannot even imagine as you seek to follow his leading with those you have contact with over this season.


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